Photocannons are the main type of weaponry used across the Enforcer fleet.

Vital Stats: Photocannons deploy a highly destructive beam of photons with stunning accuracy. They can be used across vast distances, and can be precisely targeted.

Uses: Extremely versatile, photocannons have largely replaced laser cannons, and can be used against a wide variety of target, including enemy spacecraft, planetary structures, stations and asteroids.

Types of Photocannon: A huge range is available, from smaller models loaded in the nose cones of light fighters, to the enormous barrage cannons carried by our bombing droneships. Please contact us for a brochure.

  • Range of beam sizes. For tight-combat situations, we can supply cannons with fine, precision beams that can take out enemy positions with stunning accuracy. Where total annihilation is required, our blunderbuss cannons can blast through rock and steel, vapourising virtually anything that comes within the target field.
  • Types of pulse. Also available in a huge range. Our nose-cone cannons can, for example, transmit a single pulse of energy, designed to destroy a specific target with minimal collateral damage. On the other hand, our clearance cannons can scatter a pepperpot pattern over a wide area.
  • Constant beams. Where the aim is total annihilation, our blunderbuss beams can be transmitted as sustained emissions, without pulsation, for maximum effect.

Technology: CLASSIFIED

Note: although many civilisations have invented, or stolen, photocannon technology, our systems remain far superior in terms of precision, ease of recharging, and ability to accurately achieve the desired effects.