News and Security Announcements

Be warned. RESTRICTED AREA. Any unauthorised intrusions into this database depository will be treated as a hostile act. Intruders will be hunted down and eliminated.

Please note: Although all priority instructions will be uploaded to your personal implants, all personnel should regularly check the announcements section to receive the most up-to-date global communications.


Units are reminded that extra-contractual assignments are strictly forbidden. Infractions are punishable by demotion and, in extreme cases, by expulsion. Please refer to Handbook 376, para 452.12.8

CO memo: 071117

Tech crew should be reminded that careless actions in the mech area or docking bays can lead to serious injuries. Please advise all techs to secure all equipment when not in use.


Any units still using training Scooters should check they have acquired the latest models. Scooters of the SC2 variety may have defects in outer skins in the region of the rear thruster. Please CHECK YOUR MODELS and retire any ships with the SC2 mark.

News Bulletin from Looflirpa Zone

Please note: this bulletin was a hoax. There are no space worms in the Kerrina Nebula. All personnel are reminded that, while jokes are amusing, the unnecessary duplication and circulation of fake news is to be avoided.

CO Memo: 051117

Every IMPOL Unit should be equipped with the correct colour uniform. Please note that this is slate grey with no trims. Any modifications, such as a switch to white uniforms or the addition of black trims, should be reversed immediately.


Re: the Command Ship Zanzirab

It is with great sadness that we announce the retirement of the CS Zanzirab. After several millennia of active service, it was decided that the refurbishment costs of this MARK 2 vessel could no longer be justified. A commemorative vidi will be circulated shortly.


Please note the withdrawal of circular 14501717, which was sent out in error.



CO Memo: 0131117

Please do not allow any speculation on the nature of the reasons behind the closure of the Krpton Zone to circulate. CO’s will receive a private briefing memo in due course.

ENFORCER CIRCULAR 14501716 [Priority message]

Access to the Krpton Zone is currently restricted. Any vessel intending to travel in the vicinity of the Krpton Zone should recalculated their route as a MATTER OF URGENCY.

CO Memo: 0131116

High Command has heard members of IMPOL being referred to a IMPS. Please note: IMPOL officers represent an important aspect of Enforcer discipline, and should be treated with respect. All references to IMPs within internal documents and data banks must be tracked and corrected.