Amantrick Elite

Status and Unit: Wing Flyer with the Kestrels

Current Contract: Minion Belt Orbital assistance

Assignments: clearance of Illegal mining operations and other assistance to legal government of the Minion Belt Orbital, as requested.

Features: female, tall and slim, long, blond hair, fragile physique.

Strengths: a dedicated and hard-working member of the unit, Amantrick displays a strong team spirit. She shows aptitude in her academic studies, and has reasonably good flying skills.

Weaknesses: lacks of physical robustness and a tendency to follow instructions without thinking.

Infringements and misdemeanours: a few minor transgressions during training, mainly due to association with other less-reliable members of the unit.

Recommendations for future disposition: Best suited for a supporting role in combat situations, either ferrying supplies or as a courier. Could make an excellent trainer one day.