Cracken Elite

Status and Unit: Wing Leader with the Kestrels

Current Contract: Minion Belt Orbital assistance

Assignments: clearance of Illegal mining operations and other assistance to legal government of the Minion Belt Orbital, as requested.

Features: male, tall and muscular, fair hair and classic features.

Strengths: Cracken is popular and charismatic. he has advanced flying skills, and an almost instinctive sense of how to gain the greatest advantage on the battlefield. He is also highly competitive and quick to spot opportunities.

Weaknesses: Cracken is an Egoist and lacks understanding of other people’s needs. He pays scant regard to Unit Cohesion and is not a team player. Has a reckless streak which, if unrestrained, could prove dangerous in combat situations.

Infringements and misdemeanours: many minor transgressions during training, and some major infringements of rules since then, including the smuggling of illegal alcohol into the mess, along with inappropriate vidis featuring pornographic material.

Recommendations for future disposition: Cracken’s flying skills are highly developed. He should progress well as a Wing Leader and, if he manages to curb his egoist side, should become an active Unit Leader soon. After that, his tendency to take risks probably makes him unsuitable for high command, but he would make a great Specops pilot.