Shyska Elite

Status and Unit: Wing Flyer with the Kestrels

Current Contract: Minion Belt Orbital assistance

Assignments: clearance of Illegal mining operations and other assistance to legal government of the Minion Belt Orbital, as requested.

Features: female, average height, short dark hair, dark skin tone, dark eyes, muscular build.

Strengths: consistently performed well in flying simulation and  practical flying skills are excellent. Also performed well in combat modules at training school. Physically capable and quick reflexes.

Weaknesses: lacks attention to detail and tends to take unnecessary risks. Can be resistant to authority and prone to arrogance.

Infringements and misdemeanours: a few minor transgressions for failure to obey rules, the most serious of which was destruction of an entire Raider following a miscalculation in charging requirements. After the INDIDENT in the [information has been redacted for security reasons]

Recommendations for future disposition: Best suited for active combat roles. Might, with time and increasing maturity, make a good Unit Leader.