Scooters are small, two-person craft, with a small cargo hold and an outside hatch. Very manoeuvrable, they have a deserved reputation for being good in tight spaces.

Older models have plastiglass canopies. Newer models have enclosed cockpits. Scooters are reliable and long-lasting, although some of the legacy SC2 models have developed serious flaws in their outer skin.

Commonly used by the Enforcer fleet as training vessels for first year flyers, as they allow a tutor to sit alongside a cadet.

No armaments are fitted as standard in a Scooter, although a laser cannon can be attached to the nose if required. These lightweight ships are NOT suitable for carrying photocannons or missiles. Their thin outer skins, and lack of weapons capability, means they are rarely used in combat.

Although Scooters have limited role on a battlefield, they can be used to drop off supplies and small items of cargo. Their external hatch makes them useful for fast, clandestine, deliveries outside of normal docking bays or ports. This feature can also be used to deliver timed explosive devices or to lay mines.

Older versions are often used for historical displays, for pleasure trips, and for stunt flying.

[Safety note: please check the model of your vintage Scooter before taking it into vacuum.]