Vital stats: workhorse of the fleet.

The Galliant is a medium-range transport ship, with a variety of uses. It can be fitted with turrets and missile slots, to create a basic, but effective, destroyer, suitable for low-key operations in situations where high technology is unimportant.

However, the Galliant is normally used as a transporter ship, carrying low bulk items from place to place. In a combat situation, it can be used as a refueling or munitions support vessel.

If fitted with a life support system, the Galliant may be used as a troop transporter, as an evacuation ship, and even a passenger liner in situations where only basic accommodation is required.

In addition, the Galliant can be equipped with tools such as laser drills, and that makes it ideal for ground clearing operations, or for mining vital resources from among the asteroid belts.

With its reliability, cheap running costs, and easy maintenance,  the Galliant is found across the known Universe, and is the vessel of choice for traders and prospectors. It is also popular with pirates and bootleggers.