Jeiff Recruit

Status and Unit: Wing Leader with the Kestrels

Current Contract: Minion Belt Orbital assistance

Assignments: clearance of Illegal mining operations and other assistance to legal government of the Minion Belt Orbital, as requested.

Features: male, slightly shorter than average, curly hair, pale skin, acne problem.

Strengths: dependable and reliable, Jeiff has good analytical skills and reasonable flying skills.

Weaknesses: prone to worry, Jeiff can be too cautious in his flying, which results in occasional missed opportunities.

Infringements and misdemeanours: no transgressions during training

Recommendations for future disposition: Jeiff  is proving to be both reliable and dependable. He could make a reasonable Unit Leader one day, but he lacks the ruthlessness necessary for senior leadership. However, his good analytical skills means Jeiff might be more suited to a supporting role in strategic analysis and tactical planning.